Nam Dinh – Kingdom of 750 years memory

Lying by the sea, Nam Dinh is one of the top developed Provinces of Vietnam with one busy city that  recently has been announced as grade 1 provincial city – the highest level of a city’s development in Vietnam, and 9 districts with agriculture tradition having existed since the ancient time.

Nam Dinh city embraces both of the modern beauty and the charm of nostalgia while the districts have many handicraft villages. Known as the downtown of Nam Dinh province with malls and entertaining centres, there are more to discover in this place which was once the most animated city of Vietnam.

Nam Dinh districts are filled with peace and happiness. The beauty of the countryside lies on the paddy fields, soil roads, cottage roofs and country people. It is the beauty of a long-standing agriculture tradition and some handicraft villages.

Nam Dinh is the place for people who want to learn about history, and for those who want to enjoy special Vietnamese food.

Tourists are advised to take a tour in Nam Dinh city on foot, bicycle or motorbike, and in 9 districts by motorbike or car.

From Hanoi, you can take a taxi to travel directly to Nam Dinh, or choose Futa Busline service ( in Giap Bat bus station) with one trip from Hanoi to Nam Dinh every 30 minutes.

Where to visit in 9 districts of Nam Dinh?

What and where to eat in Nam Dinh provincial city

Where to go in Nam Dinh provincial city?