Quang Ngai – A peaceful countryside and an appealing tourist attraction

Quang Ngai has been long known as a central littoral province with a total area reaching up to 5.131 km square. In recent years, this small region has transformed itself completely into a crowded place of interest, not only to domestic travelers but also international fellows. Its geographical location plays an important role afterwards.

Accompanied by an extension of a 130-km coastline, Highway 1A, North-to South railway, Dung Quat Harbor and Chu Lai international airport in the proximity make it easier for foreign and interstate visitors to make an approach to the destination by any means of transport. More than an ideal place for further tourism development, Quang Ngai has also proved itself with a substantial potential as an economic-social central-point area of Vietnam.

Quang Ngai can be compared to a melting pot where one-tenth of the regional population scale comes from other ethnic minorities, such as Cadong, Cor and so on scattering throughout the provincial city and 13 neighboring districts. Local residents here are hospitable and always helpful towards other people when in need. Besides, they are also laborious workers with abundant experiences and wonderful creativity, which make the cultural patterns more diverse than ever before. Some worth-mentioning highlights detected in local customs may include pottery making, mat weaving, fish sauce making or even carpentry. Quang Ngai is also widely acknowledged as home to many great men in Vietnamese history like Former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and Revolutionary Hero Huynh Thuc Khang. Thus, a journey to Quang Ngai will reveal lots of astonishment to tourists, giving them a deeper insight into this long-standing land.

Let alone all attractions mentioned above, Quang Ngai has won wide recognition as a spotlight in national tourism thanks to its out-of-this-world natural landscapes. A harmonious blend of nature’s charm together with ancient enchantment will capture one’s affection from the very first sight. Ranging from picturesque beauty spots to lifelong historical buildings, Quang Ngai caters for a wide variety of tastes that suit people of all ages.

What’s more? Specialties cannot be left out because there are some dishes that are totally exclusive to this coastal town and you can hardly find one with a similar flavor in other places. Have you ever heard of Goby, Don, Mach Nha or Glass Candy? If no, pack your bags immediately and head for Quang Ngai to get them.

It is indisputable that Quang Ngai has been greatly favored by Mother Nature as it has inherited beautiful presents from her. Thus, in recent years, with a view to exploiting the potential attraction of the destination, local authorities have made every effort to upgrade essential infrastructure to draw international investment and develop regional tourism. Resorts, ecology-friendly vacation spots and so on have been put under construction and are nearly on stage. These not only serve a purpose of offering best accommodations for short-term travelers but also gradually enhance the popularity of the place in tourism that was once considered a town off the bitten track.

To wrap it up, Quang Ngai is and will be a promising competitor in terms of tourism in the next few years. If you have a pure passion for travelling, don’t forget to write down the name on your notepapers or else you will feel sorry for missing such a miraculous place in this S-shaped nation.

There are some routes that you should take into consideration before deciding to pay a visit in Quang Ngai.

  • By railway: Visitors from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and areas where railroad is accessible should take the route that leads directly to Quang Ngai gas station located in the central of the province.
  • By passenger cars:

From Ho Chi Minh City, start your journey at Mien Dong bus depot and get off at Quang Ngai station right in the middle of the city. Some commonly suggested coach hosts may include Phuong Trang, Mai Linh, etc. It usually takes about 20 hours to reach the area and the fee for each passenger ranges around 400,000 VND.

From Hanoi, the suggested departure point is Nuoc Ngam or Luong Yen station and get off at Quang Ngai depot as concerned above. You can resort to some reliable coach owners such as Chin Nghia, Hoang Long and the like. The estimated duration is 20 hours and each person should pay approximately 500,000 VND for the one-way ticket.

From Da Nang, get on at Da Nang station and get off at Quang Ngai depot. Mai Linh is a worth-considering brand name. The time fluctuates from 3 to 4 hours per trip and the fee is 100,000 VND per person.

  • By air: You can consider taking a flight to Chu Lai airport in Quang Nam province and then get on a coach or taxi to get to Quang Ngai city.

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