The tangle of electrical wires in Hanoi

If you have been living or even just traveling in the capital of India, then Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam would not surprise you with its tangle of electrical wires.
Hanoi, a famous city for its hustle and bustle pace of life, has really unnerved almost all travelers across the world with its terrible flow of buzzing and spiraling traffic. Not just the traffic, Hanoi could also take the tourists’ breath away with its whole mess of tangled overhead power lines.


If you want to keep your eyes off the busy road for a bit, a quick glance over the sky will amaze you with an exact reflection of what you just saw on the ground through the whole tangled and incredible traffic over the horizon. All the cables get so messed up that it is too challenging for us to tell where the wires go to. The wires of electricity, cable-television, and telephone are clumped altogether, and they are hanging dangerously from sides to sides of all the buildings. All the giant twisted and confounding black spiders with their cobwebs covering the whole Hanoi can somewhat tell us the dangerous disorder of a country named Vietnam.




For most people coming from developed countries, all of the overhead wiring in Hanoi in particular and in Vietnam, in general, would become one of their deepest fears in life. And some of whom would be probably curious about the awesome expertise of the lineworkers in Vietnam. Like how they could really install and repair these electrical power systems perfectly without faults?




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Words by Chi Le
Photos by Tu Vu (Tu Vu‘s profile)

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