Nhat Tao Electronics Market in Saigon

Tech geek and nostalgic? Nhat Tao – Nhật Tảo street in Saigon is for you.

Nhat Tao street is usually called  ‘the electronics market’ by  the Saigoneers. It is actually the biggest secondhand electronic devices market in Saigon. All of the small electronics shops and vendors selling goods appear on the both sides of the street. 

You can find secondhand items such as camera lenses, zippos, adapters, television remotes and so on.

Lots of electronic items are piled up in on the ground. The street is always crowded with people coming up and bargaining every day.

There is a Thống Nhất soccer stadium nearby, also there are some small street food stalls around for you to boost up your energy after a tiring day of going to the busy street.

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Photos and words by Khoi Nguyen

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