Top 10 Best Romantic Getaways in Saigon

Amidst the cold and unforgiving concrete jungle that is Saigon, there’s still love if you look hard enough. Whether you’re looking for romance, or spicing things up with a special someone, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas to help you out – these are a couple of the most romantic places in Saigon.
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Vietnamese Basic Flirting Phrases

Vietnam has witnessed an enormous increase in the number of foreign expats for the past ten years. Accordingly, those who choose Vietnam as their second motherland even tend to find their Vietnamese spouse, and that state does not seem to halt.

Consequently, writing this article on behalf of thousands of Vietnamese girls out there, I am so down just to give you a favor in “How to flirt like a local?” – Let’s take a look at the most basic flirting phases below.
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Chol Chnam Thmay – How Khmer people welcome their New Year?

Khmer, or Angkor, was a powerful Hindu-Buddhist Empire ruling over the mainland Southeast Asia in the olden times. The empire stretched over present Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Mekong Delta (Vietnam). Although its territory was curtailed into modern mainland Cambodia, their descendant who remained in Mekong Delta at the moment has still preserved their unique national culture and customs. One of them is a significant festival called “Chol Chnam Thmay”.
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Hung Kings Commemoration Day

Hùng – a very first dynasty that every single Vietnamese has to keep in mind as their ancestors who ruled the country almost over 4000 years ago. Hence, every year when it comes to the 10th of March in the lunar calendar, the country is thrilled by the festival held formally in Phú Thọ, a Northern province of Vietnam. Nevertheless, both Vietnamese who live in the country and foreign Vietnamese are all celebrating as a way to commemorate their race and recall where they are actually from.
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The 9 Best Places for Hidden Spots in Saigon

Even in a bustling and vibrant city like Saigon, there is still space for a little secret or two. Whether you’re interested in food, art, or simply find it necessary to get away from the rat race and recharge your batteries, these little-known locations that are loved by locals are sure to pique your interest.
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The Best Places with Live Music in Hanoi

A little bit of music and a chill-out night would do no harm. If you are looking for a new breeze to cool off your soul of those tiring and boring days, these cafes may be that ideal hidden getaway. Frankly, not as much of a sign of Western culture can be found around this tiny Hanoi but somewhere in those hidden corners, we can still sense the distinction by the sound of music, the artists that jazz up the place and the souls that are connected. Here are some popular places in Hanoi that you can find the Live Music.
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Shopping in Go Vap District, Saigon

Several years ago, when it came to the phrase “shopping”, tourists and nearby residents only opted for the central districts as their trustworthy destinations. However, with massive investment in buildings and complex, Go Vap is now considered as a new “District 1” occupied by various shopping malls. Let’s find out and spend time clinging on those beautiful stores.
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