Vietnamese Basic Flirting Phrases

Vietnam has witnessed an enormous increase in the number of foreign expats for the past ten years. Accordingly, those who choose Vietnam as their second motherland even tend to find their Vietnamese spouse, and that state does not seem to halt.

Consequently, writing this article on behalf of thousands of Vietnamese girls out there, I am so down just to give you a favor in “How to flirt like a local?” – Let’s take a look at the most basic flirting phases below.

  1. “Em có bạn trai chưa?” – “Do you have a boyfriend?”

/m – co: – ban – dzai – dzu-o/?

This is a great start once you find that girl interesting and want to get to know more about her relationship status.

2. “Mình đi chơi nhé?” – “Let’s hang out sometime!”

/min – dee – dzo-i – yeah/!

This is sort of asking out and can be seen as an absolute effect if you want to spend more time together. A good night hug or text will definitely work as well.

3. “Em thật đặc biệt!” – “You are so special!”

/m – tat – dac – bee-ik/!

Apparently, this compliment will help you score 10 out of 10 when talking to a girl you like.

4. “Anh nhớ em!” – “I miss you!”

/n – yo – m/!

After some time knowing each other, you saying “anh nhớ em” to her is kind of an indirect way to let her know your feelings.

5. “Em thấy anh như thế nào?” – “What do you think about me?”

/m – tei – n – yuw – te – now/?

Wanna know what’s her feeling toward you after a while? Go for this!

6. “Anh thích em!” – “I like you!”

/n – tik – m/

A perfect shot once you think it’s the right time to open up.

7. “Anh yêu em!” – “I love you!”

/n – eww – m/

Obviously, it is applied when you find her your soul mate.

Wait! Is it a little bit rushing for you? No worries, let me walk you through one step each first.

Let’s start with common basic greetings:
  1. “Em tên gì vậy?” – “What is your name?”

/m – teng – j – vei/?

2. “Em sống ở đâu?” – “Where do you live?”

/m – shong – o: – dow/?

The Vietnamese feel free to ask their hometowns and current cities for the first time they meet.

3. “Sở thích của em là gì?” – “What are your hobbies?”

/sho – tik – ku-ah – m – la – j/?

4. “Em làm nghề gì?” – “What is your occupation?”

/m – lam – ge-ih – j/?

5. “Số em là gì?” – “What’s your phone number?”

/sou – m – la – j/?

How is that? Do you feel like learning some more basic relevant vocabulary somehow helping you gain more confidence?

Let’s give it a go:

  1. Hôn /hon/ : (to) kiss
  2. Nắm tay /na-im – tei/ : (to) hold hands
  3. Ôm /om/ : (to) hug
  4. Hẹn hò /hen – ho:/ : (to) go on a date
  5. Bạn gái /ban – ga-i/ : girlfriend
  6. Bạn trai /ban – ja-i/ : boyfriend

Good luck with these magic lines. A little more tip for you, if she finds you trying hard to talk to her in her native language, you can definitely have a bigger chance! She would definitely think you are such a romantic man.

Otherwise, in case you are seeing a Vietnamese girl and aspiring to learn more, please leave a comment down below and let us take care the rest for you!

12 thoughts on “Vietnamese Basic Flirting Phrases”

  1. Oh my, I can already see this going so wrong haha… When I was in Vietnam and tried to speak Vietnamese it was so funny. I was trying to repeat the Vietnamese word for “to go” and apparently was saying sth like prostitute all the time.. At least everyone had a happy time laughing about it. Including myself haha 🙂

  2. I don’t know why but this post is so awkward to me. sone tencenses you can change to another way. For example “Số em là gì?” – “What’s your phone number?” you can say “can I have your phone number” – “cho anh xin số điện thoại có được không?

  3. It’s so cute and romantic when a boy says “Anh thich em” or ” Minh di choi nhe” to a girl. How lovely Vietnamese people are!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are all so cute. And girls must be falling in love with you when witnessing your efforts to learn and speak these phrases. Good luck on your journey to have a Vietnamese girlfriend.

  5. Oh my gosh this is so cut. I really love to hear a foreigner speaks some Vietnamese, which makes he so adorable at that time. I have a friend from the USA and I will definitely show him this article. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rarely do I see articles like this. It is so interesting and fun, somehow. I believe that the phrases will work well and hope to hear some good news from the ones who have put this into practice. Good luck!

  7. I was in Vietnam in 1968. In August of 2017 I had six Asian countries lined up to visit for one month each. Vietnam was not one of them. Just before starting my trip I changed my mind & added HCMC. I think curiosity got the best of me. My second day in the hotel two of the English speaking hotel workers said the cook thought I was cute. She does not speak much English, I do not speak Vietnamese. I asked her out. We dated the whole time I was there. I just turned 69. She is 43. In March I am going back to HCMC for one year. After that we will need to see what we want from the relationship. This was a very pleasant surprise. I have a little less than 3 months to learn some Vietnamese.

    1. Wow your story sounds amazing! We all look forward to see the happy ending of this! Please feel free to contact us if you need any help with Vietnamese language:) Cheers!

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