Can Tho Early Morning

As the night draws its curtains, the sun’s gleaming rays delivered the prologue to a magnificent play. Then, out of nowhere, the cast floods in, each giving their own performance, devoid of any order or premeditation. The birds chirp, the breeze blows, and the trees shake as if forgetting their lines. It’s all chaos, and it’s another day of sun for the people at Lưu Hữu Phước park in Can Tho city, all eager to join the stage.
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The Essential Hoi An Food Bucket List

Although Hoi An ancient town is just a small area, its food culture is still undeniably rich. That being so, even if you visited the whole old town, you could hardly enjoy all the specialties at the time. Let’s take a look at what makes “Culinary of Old Town Hoi An” so special and remark to use when you have a chance to stop over in! Here is the bucket list of the best foods in Hoi An that you have to eat.
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Discover Da Nang’s Most Beautiful Bridges

A wonderful saying by the American entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn goes: “Whatever good things we build end up building us”. From an architectural point of view, this is especially true. There are countless instances of constructions so visually powerful that they come to represent the city which erected them. After all, who can imagine a Paris without the magnificent Eiffel tower, a Dubai without its marvelous Burj Khalifa or a New York without the iconic Liberty Statue? As for the coastal city of Đà Nẵng, few can think of it short of the spectacular bridges that go beyond their utilitarian nature to symbolize the sprawling municipality, as will be presented in the video and all photos below. They are the most beautiful bridges in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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5 Vintage Saigon Coffee Shops

Considered as an addictive substance, Vietnamese coffee is one of the must-try drinks in the top list, especially if you want to feel the heart and soul of this beautiful S-shaped country. No matter how you drink it, with ice or steaming hot, bitter and black or sweet and milky, Vietnamese coffee will never stop surprising you. 
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Saigon’s Book Street | A Great Destination for Book Lovers

The famous Argentinian essayist and poet Jorge Luis Borges once said: “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library”. While there are more than one layer of meaning to this excellent quote, if we focus on its literal interpretation, then Saigon would have a Paradise installed right by the City Post Office – on the Nguyễn Văn Bình book street.
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