Awesome Vintage Bus Converted Into A Beautiful Cafe

Whereas the news speaks of deprecating bus systems, many such vehicles are actually enjoying a revival, and this time they’re no longer hitting the road, but instead crashing the waves of the ocean. Don’t believe me?  Come to the Bus Cafe in Thach An beach, Huế (Hue) and have a look!

The Bus Cafe is located on the shores of Thuận An beach, which is only a thirty-minute motorbike ride from the central Huế, and faster by car. Like most others, the cafe has a quite large menu to offer, but it is not the quality of the drinks that sets this place apart, it is actually the unique space in which they are served.

The name ‘Bus Cafe’ derives from the fact that buses play a key role in the cafe’s aesthetics: everything from the ordering counter to tables and chairs is made from parts of a bus! The vehicles there were once disused and (maybe) a little disgusted, but now, after some extensive refurbishment, they not only managed to outlast their usefulness as a means of transport, but also prove a hit with younger customers. In fact, such is the atmosphere which the ornamental buses and the cafe as a whole have managed to generate that many people actually choose to camp there just to extend their experience, and before you know it, a tent-renting service has been born, so now everyone can spend the night in this rather peculiar surrounding.

What’s more, the cafe claims to have the best views of all cafes in Huế, and while that may sound a little presumptuous, it is really not. Why? Simple: it is placed directly the n hot sand and not very far from the water, so you can enjoy drinking and at the same time take in the expansive view of the sea (or even swim in). After all, who doesn’t want to sip some coffee on a comfortable bus seat while leaning against its bonnet and marvelling at the colors of dawn right by the seaside.

Many tourists I met before often think of Huế as a solemn and old place, mainly because of the impression they get from seeing the great Imperial City. The truth is, however, that Huế is changing everyday, and with new ingenuous minds emerging from the young generation comes innovative ideas that put a new image on this ancient city. The Bus Cafe is more or less representative of this trend, so on your next trip to Huế, stop by, have a drink, and see how the city is renewing.

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Words by Duy Nguyen
Photos by Dang Hoang (View more photos taken by Dang Hoang here)

22 thoughts on “Awesome Vintage Bus Converted Into A Beautiful Cafe”

  1. Indeed, the bus cafe have that vintage vibe and reminds me of my school days. How I wish that the old unused buses in the Philippines will be converted as cafe, libraries, bars, etc. It could bring more joy to the customers as well.

  2. Such amazing creativity of the inventor of this bus! I don’t know why I feel this way but it looks perfectly vintage and perfectly matches with the “Hue”‘s. Just getting on the bus for minutes, you could already see life from a different perspective, quieter and clearer. And what would ever be better than sipping a drink on a fresh morning and pausing your life for a moment?

  3. Those pictures really do astonish me. I love the idea of changing the old buses into the very classic and vintage place. I hope to visit that beautiful bus cafe once in my life. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures.

  4. The bus itself is definitely not in pristine condition but the idea of the cafe makes it look “new”. It gives off such a unique vibe. And also, the location and the view are a plus. I would love to visit this place one day!

  5. Awesome !!!! This is unique cafe. I believe that no one can forget this cafe when they have chance to try coffee there.

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