You are a Music Enthusiast? Visit this Lively Hub of Music Stores now!

Hao Nam Street is a place worth visiting in Hanoi if you are a music lover. It is about 3.6 kilometers far from the Old Quarter. The best way to get there is to take a motor/car uber.

Hao Nam Street is a traditional yet popular street for musical instruments. The street also gathers all the top-notch musicians and excellent students majoring in music since there is an outstanding school named Vietnam National Academy of Music (Học Viện Âm Nhạc Quốc Gia Việt Nam) located in between the music shops.

The Vietnam Music Academy. Photo via
Photo by Tu Vu

There are hundreds of big and small music stores along the side streets and back alleys as well as hidden corners. Thousands of guitars are lining the walls of the stores.

Photo by Tu Vu
Photo by Tu Vu

In Hao Nam musical street, it is not hard to catch sight of colorful-haired rockers, artistic music players, high school and college music students picking up their instruments with parents and friends. The shop clerks engage in lively discussions and happily demonstrate a variety of accessories and instruments, from guitar, violin, cello, piano, flute to Vietnam’s traditional instruments such as bamboo flute, bau luthier (đàn bầu), 16-string-zither (đàn tranh), Vietnamese violin (đàn nhị) or even t’rung (a Ba Na ethical instrument from Tay Nguyen).

Photo by Tu Vu

What is interesting in this local musical instrument shopping street – Hao Nam is that the customers can bargain the price. It is even considered as rules here. “Never accept the price in the first place” is what we often tell each other. If you plan to buy some instruments in Hao Nam, you should be very careful checking out them to even the smallest details and prices. It is best to go with locals though.

Photo by Tu Vu

Photos taken by Tu Vu

8 thoughts on “You are a Music Enthusiast? Visit this Lively Hub of Music Stores now!”

  1. This would be an amazing street for me to go shopping on. I have loved playing music since I was a little girl. I play a few different instruments.

  2. Vietnam is no doubt, a very historical country. It has been one of my dream destinations in Asia and I would love to visit Vietnam soon!

  3. Very interesting place. Hanoi is on my mind for sure. Though I am not very fond of bargaining but would still love to check out this place. Interesting to learn that entire Hao Nam Street is known for musical instruments. Nice!

  4. I always want to learn to play the guitar, and I may go to that place to buy one. Thanks for your helpful and informative post.

  5. I really love music. I have visited this street once. It was amazing. Shopkeepers give you helpful advice as well. Thanks for sharing.

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