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Modern-style coffee shops have become more and more popular and gradually played as a new wave for Hanoi coffee culture.

Back in the old days, when Hanoi’s coffee culture was always seen in an image simply of plastic chairs, wooden tables, and cups of dark coffee with French drip filters or coffee with condensed milk merely. To find the most vintage coffee shops in Hanoi, you can read our previous article:

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At that time, coffee drinkers were often middle-aged men who liked spending time with their old friends at a reasonably-priced cafeteria or a sidewalk cafe. This traditional sidewalk coffee culture still appears nowadays, but not as much as in the past. It is because of the “invasion” of international coffee brands such as Starbucks entering Vietnam two to three years back. The coffee trending in Hanoi particularly and in Vietnam generally has been significantly changed since then. Thousands of young entrepreneurs have caught that chance to found their own national brands.

Cup of tea 317 Nguyen Khang. Photo by Nhan Tran
Cup of tea 317 Nguyen Khang. Photo by Nhan Tran

Particularly saying, the new coffee trending in Hanoi has attracted a large number of consumers since the target market that almost all the new brands aim at is the youth.

Cong Cafe My Dinh. Photo by Nhan Tran

Contemporarily emerged with Korean culture wave (Hallyu), the themes chosen by these start-ups somehow indicate Korean style where clients can find a good view or simply an elegant background used for selfie or photography.

Cup of tea 317 Nguyen Khang. Photo by Nhan Tran

The young people do not simply go to a coffee shop to drink a coffee; they actually want to find a place to do other things – work, study, make friends, take photos and so on.

The Coffee House – 160 Nguyễn Khánh Toàn. Photo by Nhan Tran
Tranquil 5 Nguyen Quang Bich. Photo by Nhan Tran

The “revolution” did not just stop with the decoration only, but even a wide range of beverages is also created to reach new client classes. Thought black coffee and coffee with condensed milk are still at the top menu, they have been overshadowed somehow by new drinks such as espresso, cappuccino or even foam matcha, black tea, iced-blended, milkshake, mojito, juice, smoothies, etc.

Frankly speaking, coffee shops in Hanoi are more than just coffee. And of course, these places such as The Coffee House, Cup of Tea, Xofa Café, First Floor Cosmo Café (Tầng Trệt Café Cosmo), Cong Cafe, Tranquil, etc. are the most absolute favorite places of Hanoi young people with a nice blend of view, atmosphere, drinks, barista and service.

Photo by Nhan Tran:

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  1. Sadly, I do not live in Hanoi. But these coffee shops are fantastic places to take some wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

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