How To Get Angry in Vietnamese? | 10 Great Phrases

Last time, I got you an article including some pick-up lines in Vietnamese just in case you fall in love with our native ladies. This time, I will help you express your feelings of anger like a Vietnamese expert. with these 10 useful phrases.

1. “Tôi không thích điều này chút nào!” – “I don’t like this at all.”

/toy – ko-um – tik – deew – nei – jut – na-oh/!

This is the very first feeling that comes to your mind as you find something annoying and want to get rid of. So this is a basic line if you want to let people know that it is actually getting on your nerves.

2. “Tôi ghét nó lắm” – “I really hate it.”

/toy – ket – no – la-im/

This shares the same kind of meaning with the first line but with a bit higher level of anger.

3. “Biến đi”; “Tránh xa tôi ra” – “Go away”, or simply “F**k off”

/bin – dee/ ; /jeng – xa – toy – ra/

Tell them to stop bothering you with these two simple words.

4. “Mày điên à?” – “Are you crazy?

/mei – deen – a/?

This question is used in case you find them lose their mind at any case. You just need to keep in mind that besides “điên”, then “khùng” /ku:n/ is another sample with the same meaning.

5. “Tao đánh mày đấy!” – “I’m gonna hit you real hard”

/ta-oh – den – mei – dei/!

Well, it is not really nice to pick an intense quarrel with anyone but if you are so pissed off, then go for this. Just a quick note that if you think you can actually win, or they are gonna be rude back. You have been warned! Or not!

6“Trời ơi!” – “Oh my gosh!”

/jo:ih – o:ih/

Obviously, you know when to say this. But once you use it to show them you are mad at them, raise your tone a bit! It works!

7. “Thật phiền phức!” – “You are annoying!”

/tat – feen – fuk/!

8. “Làm ơn đừng làm phiền!” – “Please stop bothering me!”

/lam – on – dung – lam – feen/

This is a pretty nice and polite way to tell them to leave you alone.

9. “Mày muốn gì?” – “What do you want?”

/mei – moon – dzi/?

10. “Cẩn thận cái mồm của mày!” – “Watch your mouth.”

/kan – than – kai – mom – kua – mai/

It sounds a bit normal and you can definitely say that in your daily life, just remember to raise your tone if you want them to be scared.

I am so sorry if some time you find it is time to say all of these but, I genuinely think that if a Vietnamese sees you get pissed in their mother tongue, they will think it is kind of cute and leave you alone, or then you can be friends unexpectedly!

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  1. This is such a nice idea to teach Vietnamese!It seems to be a little bit difficult to learn it, but it is a beautiful language!

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