Nhat Tan Village – The Best Flower Forrest in Hanoi

What is the best thing to do in Hanoi over the Tet Holiday? Go to Nhat Tan Flower Village!
Taking part in local festivals is one of the best ways to experience a destination in a unique and once-in-a-lifetime different way. It is when you can catch an authentic glimpse into a country’s culture. Vietnam’s Tet Holiday (or Spring Festival) is the real highlight in every traveler’s festival bucket list when it comes to celebration.

The year of the Dog is only a few days away and lots of Vietnamese families are filling their homes with lucky plants and flowers. They call the New Year plants and flowers “lucky” since they see them more than decoration. Top Lucky Plants and Flowers in Vietnam
Peach Blossom

They believe the plants are a symbol of health, wealth, luck and prosperity. If Western people often decorate their holidays with greens, holly, mistletoe, red berries and the Christmas tree, people in many Asian countries such as Vietnam and China have traditional plants and flowers used for decorating during the holidays to mark the end of the winter season and welcome the beginning of the spring.
The Vietnamese dressing up beautifully to take some photos in the Garden Studio inside Nhat Tan Village
Kumquat Tree
The gardeners taking the tree out for sale
Peach Blossom Trees in Nhat Tan
If you want to integrate into the culture, connect with the locals closely, and fuel your wanderlust as well as Instagram lenses, you should follow us now! One of the best destinations for auspicious plants and flowers in Vietnam is Nhat Tan Village. This is where Hanoians come by every year to choose their favorite lucky plants to decorate their homes.
White Apricot Blossom
Bring your camera, dress like a local, and head off to this vibrant and colorful giant garden!
How to get there?
Next to #266 Au Co St., a lane with a big blue signboard above leads to the Nhat Tan Village 
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Words and photos by Chi Le

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