Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Maze Vietnam’s online guide special?

Maze Vietnam’s online guide is written by the Vietnamese locals. We are all Vietnamese University and Highschool students born and raised in Vietnam; therefore, we strongly believe that we can definitely help you with having the real local experiences during your stay in Vietnam. If you are one of the travelers who find going on such guided tours boring, want to drop by multiple places which are just familiar to the Vietnamese or dine out in the hidden corners with the locals, Maze Vietnam can take you there. What makes our online guide unique is our aim to help all travelers gain deep and authentic travel experience in Vietnam.

What is “Vietnam Travel Stories”?

“Vietnam Travel Stories” is a friendly zone where the real backpackers to Vietnam could see their own writings. We would like to make Maze Vietnam more reliable and useful, so we think it would be far better if there were posts submitted by the real backpackers with their own perspectives on Vietnam. This will definitely help the next tourists learn from these real experiences before planning to travel to Vietnam. Besides we would like to bring the Vietnam travel stories closer to the Vietnamese, especially the people working in travel industry so that they know how they have to improve their services in order to meet the tourists’ needs.

How do you recommend us the restaurants in each place?

Maze Vietnam is not sponsored by any restaurant or organization. We suggested such lists of restaurants or food vendors that we often drop by to eat again and again or the local people in these places recommend us try out on those. These restaurants are our genuine suggestions for you to consider. If you do not like any restaurants that we recommended, please do not hesitate to write your reviews on the comment section available on all posts.

If I wanted to ask you about traveling in Vietnam, what would I have to do?

We are always happy to receive your messages and answer all of your questions. Feel free to ask us in Live Chat or contact us via Facebook and Email (mazevietnam.info@gmail.com).

How to be a part of Maze Vietnam?

Please feel free to be a part of Maze Vietnam Community by going to https://www.mazevietnam.com/join-us/. We always need you! Thank you!