Maze Ha Giang

Ha Giang province is widely known as the “head” of Vietnam territory, but the beauty that lies in this mountainous kingdom is more to explore.

Originally, this ground first belonged to Tan Hung, one of 15 tribes of Van Lang ( the ancient Vietnam), once it fell to the patriarch of the Twelve Thai cantons, then became a tribute to Chinese Throne, and finally, in 1728, it was returned to Vietnamese. After many a time of delimitation, in 2003, Ha Giang province officially has one provincial city and 10 districts.

Formed with such complicated terrain, Ha Giang divides itself into 3 main areas: High land of the north, mostly karst mountains; High land of the west, mostly soil mountains; And the low hill-land where stands Ha Giang provincial city. Thus, the diverse nature here can make any visitors breathless; every hill, every stream, every forest in Ha Giang created the greatest masterpiece the world that all should ever know.

With such ideal favor of nature, Ha Giang has completely embraced the tourism potential and gained so much fame for many beauty spots like Dong Van Karst Plateau, The Architectural Relic of Vuong, many graceful natural caves and long standing temples. Especially though Ha Giang is quite sparsely populated,  people here are so rich in spirit with many festivals and fairs that can not be missed if someone wants to fully know what Ha Giang is all about.


Where to go in Dong Van District, Ha Giang?

Where to go in Ha Giang provincial city?