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I have to make a confession that it has been a long time since I feasted my bare eyes upon a magnificent city view or even such sight-worthy beauty that was so reminiscent and so dear as the way when I think of Huế.

From 1802 to 1945, the Nguyen Dynasty, the last ruling family, ruled Vietnam and got Hue as the capital for more than 100 years. But since then, Hue is still referred to as Vietnam’s Imperial City.

Just imagine one day, you are walking inside of those forbidden walls of the Imperial City, glorious but painful with tears that love and freedom would always be an unreachable dream of those living apart from us more than 100 years ago then how wild would it be? You make an escape from those heart-killing walls, run along the Perfume River as it is your savior in a one romantic dust, and cast your tiring eyes upon the blurry sky where the yellow sunlight seems to be born for blue in the most completed watercolor painting of a dreamlike city. The lovers, Huế and the Perfume River, will then be together once again.

People always say that Huế is the most beautiful in the first light of Fall. It then feels to me, as a totally different extreme to its daily appearance. However, Huế is still as gentle and charming as its own nature. Purple, red, yellow, white and all the colors of the most beautiful blossoms will then bloom in the light of Autumn as they are meant for the most gorgeous girls.  As the daylight seems to pass by, the night sky will then slowly cover its shadow over buildings, houses, the shoulders of those tired and rushing lines of people and the still water of the Perfume River. No feeling and experience would be more delighting than floating on the water in the one called the Dragon boat and listening to the ancient ceremonial songs of the city.

In the end, there will be more and more than what you think you can explore in this small yet mysterious city so take your time and make the best of it because only you can make your own journey. They say that everyone will one way or another fall in love with and in this city so how about you? Will you fall in love with it?

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