Maze Ninh Binh

For whoever wishes to discover and conquer the new land of the unknown or simply a place of getaway, Ninh Binh would always make sure you will get the warmest welcome from the green water and the blue sky. Regarded as “Ha Long on land”, Ninh Binh has made its appearance in some of the very famous films of Hollywood such as Pan and the Neverland or Kong: Skull Island. Hence, there is no doubt that you must visit there.  All the seasons should be fine if you wish to visit Ninh Binh at any time of your convenience. However, I still suggest you go here in Spring, the weather should be an ideal time for a short trip. In addition, Summer is also a good time if you want to capture the most gorgeous moments of Ninh Binh, especially Tam Cốc (Summer is the rice harvesting season in Tam Cốc). So what are you waiting for, let’s pack your back and get ready for the most thrilling adventure!

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