Maze Phan Thiet

The capital of Binh Thuan province in Southeast Vietnam, Phan Thiet city is a thriving coastal port where would be a fantastic destination for visitors who enjoy living by the sea. At the center of Phan Thiet is a busy fishing port with brightly painted boats, crowded traditional markets, and famous seafood restaurants. Local people are always welcoming and friendly to foreigners to their city. Moreover, what special about Phan Thiet are the sand dunes, where travellers can see the glorious sunset and real deserts. One of the most famous entertaining activities in those deep sand dunes is board sliding.

However, Phan Thiet downtown has nothing much to offer to visitors. Instead, most travellers go north and head to Mui Ne,  a stretch of beach in Phan Thiet. The accommodation in Mui Ne is generally better than that in the center of Phan Thiet because Mui Ne has many types of accommodation from luxurious resorts to homestays. Attracted by the breath-taking view of the beach, many tourists come here every year. The number of tourists has actually outnumbered the number of locals here. Luckily, this place has maintained many unique parts of traditional culture such as fishing villages, outdoor markets, kite-flying games, annual festivals, etc.

Overall, Phan Thiet is a bustling city where tourists can taste super delicious seafood with inexpensive price while sightseeing the glorious view of Phan Thiet.

In order to arrive in Phan Thiet, you can take a train which is SPT1 running between Saigon and Phan Thiet (ticket ranging from 200 000 to 260 000 VND; about 4-hour-travel time) or a bus which is in Phan Thiet’s bus station (Ben Xe Phan Thiet, located in the southwest edge of the city; 5-7hour-travel time).