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Decades ago, Saigon shined as the pearl of the Far East. Nowadays, it remains a vital part in each heart of the Vietnamese. Since this city is only about 300 years old, citizens here are young, wild and free to enjoy every single feature of Saigon. Noisy traffic jams, troublesome rising tides, or two seasons (sunny and rainy) taking place abnormally sometimes make Saigon difficult to understand. Hence, travelers with wanderlust may get addicted to this simple but mysterious 24-district land. Beside famous tourist attractions, local corners will give visitors a chance to delve into the spirit of the city which can be found nowhere else. Saigon is that hard to be defined, so just discover this amazing maze in your unique way.

Our content writers coming from Saigon are working hard on writing step-by-step travel instructions to this amazing city for the travelers. Navigate yourself to some available Saigon Districts Travel Guides suggesting lists of must-visits, must-try dishes and other hidden gems that just the locals could find.

Secret Saigon

This is a brand new tag we just had for our site. It will take you to all the hidden local places in Saigon discovered by Maze Vietnam’s passionate Saigoneers spending hours exploring their own cultures and lifestyles. All of these destinations are hardly found on any travel guidebooks on earth. If you are willing to live like a local, this tag is for you. Read more here

District 1

District 1, as the heart of the most developed city in the country, is the centre of many historic constructions , big shopping malls, and entertainment area. This district, with the harmony of old and modern style in architecture, is the typical symbol of the new era of integration and development in Saigon. Read more here 

District 3

Despite the limited land area, District 3 always maintains its significant position in Saigoneses’ heart. Amazing tourist attractions and popular food streets are highlights of this lovely district; therefore, it is such a pity if you still have not experienced them on your own. So, what are you waiting for? Read more here

 District 5

District 5, also known as “Chợ Lớn” area or Saigon’s Chinatown, is a long-standing and famous region in the city ever since the Vietnam Civil war between house Nguyễn and Trịnh . The Chinese community used to settle and began to sell a large number of Chinese products here, so Chinese culture has dominated all over this district. Read more here

District 10

A great number of pagodas and huge supermarkets are noticeable factors of District 10. Notwithstanding, Saigoneses travel to the area because of its amazing and unique food paradise. These are reasons why discovering this small but crowded district is such a memorable experience for everyone. Read more here

District 4

District 4 is one of the urban districts in Saigon that you should not miss while traveling. District 4 is well-known with its bridge Mong Bridge and Nha Rong Wharf. Read more here

District 7

District 7 is one of the urban districts in Saigon. It is a famous place for all the beautiful bridges of Saigon. Besides, District 7 is a center of all wonderful shopping areas and unique 3D museum.  Read more here

District 2

District 2, an urban district located in the new urban area of Thu Thiem in Saigon, is where a large number of expats choose to live. It is a wonderful place to explore the new ways of Saigon life. Read more here 

Tan Binh District

Although not being as famous and attractive to tourists as other districts, Tan Binh, the district where Saigon’s international airport was located, still has great gems worth considering. Read more here

Binh Thanh District

For those who get exhausted of the extremely hectic and extravagant life in central districts, Binh Thanh (Bình Thạnh) is a good choice to consider. Despite being less well-known to tourists, this old district provides you with a great chance to experience the daily life of local Saigon. Read more here

Phu Nhuan District

Phú Nhuận is one of the urban districts in and it is densely populated. It is well-known for a big green park and a catholic church. Read more here

Go Vap District

Go Vap, an urban district located in the North West of HCMC is a perfect place for those who enjoy the peacefulness. Getting overwhelmed by beautiful and serene destinations during the day and hanging out in joy with friends at night are the uttermost goals a man can find. You can get there by hopping on bus No. 07 and 18. Read more here

Cu Chi District

If you get bored with the gorgeous appearance of the center of Saigon, never forget to find Cu Chi district to experience the simple but peaceful lifestyle of Vietnamese people in the outskirt. It is common that a trip to Cu Chi only takes a day; nevertheless, it is supposed to be one of the most memorable moments of your tour to not only HCMC but also Vietnam. Read more here

Can Gio District

Can Gio is a coastal district 50km away from Ho Chi Minh City. It is home to an extensive intact mangrove forest and pristine beaches with cheaper seafood than in Vung Tau (a more popular beach near HCMC). Though the sea is not crystal clear blue due to the water outflux from the mangroves but not too bad to jump in. Also, this district has Vietnam’s first Biosphere Reserve mangrove forest containing a high degree of biodiversity, with more than 200 species of fauna and 150 species of flora. Incredibly ideal for a one-day getaway weekend! Read more here

TOPs in Saigon

You want to travel all over Saigon without looking into each district above? You do not care how far it would take you to all the best places in Saigon? You would like to find the best of the best in Saigon when it comes to clusters of locations for food, drinks, entertainment, romance and much more? Then this tag including all the awesome lists of the best places to go throughout Saigon is for you. Read more here

Festivals in Saigon

If you want to check whether you are visiting Saigon during festivals or you just simply want to learn about Vietnamese culture through all the festivals held in Saigon, then you should click here

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