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Oh traveling! Who in the world can refrain from falling in love with traveling! The great America, the wonderful England, the romantic France to the spectacular Egypt or the ancient China, oh how can we resist? And if you have taken a look at all those mentioned destinations, then why do not pick the tremendously attractive Vietnam as the next chapter for your travel story?

Lying silently among those powerful countries like Japan, China or Singapore, Vietnam still makes its own name as the S shaped country – the country that was brave and consistent through all the ups and downs of history. ‘Golden forests, silver seas’ is a common quote that Vietnamese people are so proud of, and they do often use it whenever introducing this country to an international crowd. With the fantastic South China Sea on the right and friendly neighbors such as Laos, Thailand, and Cambodia on the land across the border, Vietnam is definitely a must-see, must-go destination!

Oh what can be more pleasant than enjoying the four seasons, when peach blossoms bloom on those breathtaking mountains in Spring, when balm-crickets together sing the happy song of Summer, when the yellow leaves scatter along the pavements in Autumn and the warming welcome of families lingering in the cold of Winter for their children coming back home from work in big cities at Tết – Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Let’s go to the North to sink in the refreshing breeze and the beautiful flowers of highlands, go to the Central Vietnam to get lost in the ancient beauty of all the historic cities and to the South to live up with the fast pace of life in all the sleepless cities.

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